Welcome to Amadal Company, a full service wholesale supply company based in Brampton, Ontario. We provide our customers with competitively priced supplies of various products from trusted local and global manufacturers. The world is more connected than ever before but you also need to ensure you have trust in your suppliers and can navigate the increasingly complex world of production, supply chains and international trade. 

We simplify the process for our customers by managing the local and global relationships with our manufacturing and supply partners to ensure only quality, trusted goods are sourced and we navigate local and international supply chain requirements to ensure goods arrive at their destination as requested. 


  • September 2020: Kimberley-Clarke purple nitrile gloves and MedCN (Qube Medical Products) nitrile gloves now available in full container or multiple pallet quantities through our supplying partner with established and trusted manufacturers in Malaysia. Nitrile gloves are in very high demand with prices rising through Q4 2020 into 2021 as major manufacturers face increasing raw material costs and shortages in supply.
  • August 2020: Completed partnership with a third Ontario manufacturer of hand sanitizer with FDA registration. Exports of hand sanitizer liquid and gel in various formats now available through FDA temporary guidance measures. Both liquid and gel formulations for export to the USA follow WHO guidelines with 80% Ethyl Alcohol, USP grade.
  • May 2020: Full line of locally manufactured hand sanitizer gel and liquid available through our trusted suppliers. Full service fulfillment of various formats, branded or private label, in 60 ml bottle with Carabiner all the way up to 20L jugs for refills with pumps. All Health Canada approved formulations as required by law with minimum FCC grade plant based Ethanol used in production.

Check out some of the brands we offer!

Thanks to our supporting manufacturer (Dairy Distillery) and distribution partner (Canada Sanigel) for their trusted and quality products.

Himalayan Salt Crystal Products. Sourced directly from our team in Pakistan. Genuine salt crystals mined at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The carving team is based in Karachi, Pakistan and all products are 100% quality inspected during production. We offer unique designs that are marketed under our brand or private label if requested.

Hand Sanitizer Gel and Liquid manufacturing using sustainably sourced sugars. Production is 100% local (Ontario, Canada). All Ethanol is Canadian manufactured meeting or exceeding Health Canada standards. Available formats range from retail to bulk sizes.

Hand Sanitizer Gel and Liquid in retail formats, including bottles with carabiner, premium scented collections, bulk formats (1L, 4L, 20L)

Nitrile Gloves – Medical and Non-Medical Kimberley-Clarke and Qube Manufacturing


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