About Us

Amadal Company is owned and operated in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. We are suppliers of products manufactured locally or internationally with a business focus based on supplier trust and expertise as the first goal, then followed by marketing of products looping of customers into our supply chain. The team has expertise in Finance, Economics, Marketing and Global Trade; all of which are leveraged to ensure goods reach our customers safely and on time. Our products are marketed to retail, wholesale and commercial customers.

Our business model is to keep things simple for our customers by taking uncertainty out of the supply equation. We ensure our suppliers stand behind their products and have a mutual trust in every transaction.

The partnerships with our suppliers are personal and we take great care in supplying exactly what we present to our customers. We stand behind everything that we sell, and ensure that orders are delivered on time as requested. Our full line of services include integrated services with the large global couriers, LTL deliveries, TL deliveries, and offer a flexible range of formats for our products (retail, commercial and industrial).

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